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Why Go Solar in Commercial and Agricultural Sectors?

The shift toward sustainability is now a rising necessity. For commercial and agricultural entities, installing solar panels is closely tied to cost reduction.

Is your business solar grant eligible
according to the SEAI?

“Support is available to all business, agricultural, public body, or non-profit sector. The premises must have been built and
occupied on or before 31st Dec 2020*.”

SEAI – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Commercial / Agricultural Solar Grants for Businesses

New funding ranges from €2,700 to €162,600 to support an even wider range of businesses to switch to solar.

This will typically support 20-30% of the investment cost, reducing payback to as little as 5 years.

New Solar PV Scheme enhancements will boost business investment in renewable energy generation.

Solar PV System Size Grant amount / kWp Annual kWh* Total Grant
6kWp Up to 6kWp kWh
5,400 kWh
Up to
20kWp €300/kWp kWh
Up to
200kWp €200/kWp kWh
Up to
500kWp €150/kWp kWh
Up to
1,000kWp €150/kWp kWh
Up to

Annual kWh* — These consumption figures are estimates and you will receive a site specific production figure with your quote.

What Makes Your Business Eligible for Solar Grants?

In Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEAI) extends support to businesses, agricultural enterprises, public bodies, and non-profit sectors for commercial solar panel installation.

To be eligible, the premises must have been built and occupied by December 31, 2020. Financial aid varies between €2,700 and €162,600 and typically covers 20-30% of the total investment, potentially reducing the payback period to as little as five years.

Choosing PV Panels for Your Commercial Enterprise

Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight directly into electricity, offering a reliable and resourceful energy solution. It’s an option worth considering for various types of businesses, including retail units and industrial facilities.

The technology has evolved to provide higher efficiency at decreasing costs. It is, therefore, an attractive long-term investment.

Is an EV Charger Installation Right for Your Business?

As electric vehicles gain traction, providing charging solutions can be a value-added service that distinguishes your business. EV chargers in Ireland are not only a convenience but also a step toward a more sustainable future. Your customers or employees can charge their vehicles while contributing to lowering carbon emissions.

Exploring Inverter Solutions for Energy Storage

Inverters play a pivotal role in energy systems, converting the direct current into alternating current, which can be used or stored. They are key to maximizing the utility of generated solar energy. Considering your specific energy needs, the right inverter solution can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Designing Custom Solar Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are its energy needs. Custom solar solutions provide the flexibility to tailor your solar installation according to specific needs. This ensures improved performance and quicker returns on your investment.

The Dual Purpose of Solar Carport Structures

If your commercial space lacks enough roof area or if you wish to extend your existing solar setup, solar carport structures are an innovative solution. These structures serve the dual purpose of providing shelter and generating electricity.

How Does All This Translate to Agricultural Needs?

For agricultural settings, the benefits are two-fold: reduced operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint. The stored solar energy can be utilized for various farming activities, ranging from irrigation to machinery operation.

Drive Progress toward a Greener Tomorrow

Investing in solar solutions is an approach that aligns with global sustainability goals. It also offers tangible financial benefits. Given the variety of solutions available, from PV panels and inverter solutions to solar carports, the opportunities for commercial and agricultural sectors are ripe for exploration.

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